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RR History


Covid affected so many aspects of people’s lives, from working at home, to being disconnected from our people; it was difficult to feel anything less than isolated.  Craig G and Jenn, the station’s founders, decided to set up a home studio where they could reach out via music on the internet.  Revolution Radio Canada was born.  Soon our first show on Friday nights increased our listenership, and we produced Fun Facts Fridays with Craig G, Jenn, Cat, Dimetre, Scott, and James.  James’ show Sonic Somnambulism ruled the weekends.


DJ Cat, Craig G, and Jenn DJed weekends together for 2022/2023  increasing our Twitch exposure.  As the station evolved, a group of content creators became the Music Nerds, while Revolution Radio solidified its 24/7 model.  Music Director and Maestro, Craig G created a magnetic, supportive environment, welcoming Canadian AF, The Mixtape (Army Kris) Thursday and Saturday Nights at 9 EST, as well as All Uncovered (Derek Lewis) on Friday and Sunday Nights as well 9 EST.


Contributors, Derek, Army Kris, Dimetre are masters of the interview and with host, Craig G have hosted guests from LIGHTS to Aysanabee, and Metric to Jully Black on Canadian AF which runs Monday night at 10 EST.  The latest addition to the Revolution Radio lineup is Reindeer Games with Craig G and Jenn which you can find every other Sunday Night at 8EST.


Live shows are co-broadcast on this webpage,, and with video on 


Join The Revolution.


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